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See the beauty of the leaves changing color in the fall, and the gentleness with which the rose drops its petals.  The natural course of life is to transition with dignity and beauty."  Daniel Levin  

Midlife can be a challenging developmental phase of life for anyone, and may be especially difficult for gay and lesbian people.  Midlife, which can be broadly defined, is a vital time of important and potentially exciting personal growth.  An important mental/emotional transition must be made in order for all that comes after it to be positive, healthy, and successful. 

Midlife is a time for a major paradigm shift, a total re-engineering of your self concept and your values.  If you cling to the old concepts and the old values, you will not make it thorugh successfully.  Counseling for midlife crisis and midlife transition issues is one of my areas of specialization.  I beleive you will benefit greatly from sitting down and talking about these things, enlarging your perspective and developing a plan for going forward.  Midlife is a time for old ideas to pass away and new ideas to come into play. You can experience the best part of your life, starting now.

If you find yourself struggling with midlife or aging related issues, please contact me and we can talk about it further. Please feel free to give me a call at 805-868-0767. - Erik

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Book Recommendation:

Midlife Lesbian Relationships: Friends, Lovers, Children, and Parents  by Marcy Adelman 

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