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"A divorce is like an amputation: you survive it, but there's less of you."  Margaret Atwood

Stopping Divorce at the 11th Hour: Couples Counseling
You know there's a lot at stake when it comes to considering divorce.  Most couples find that they are willing to do everything they can to save the marriage, if at all possible.  There is so much at stake when a couple gets to the point of considering divorce.  No one wants to get to that point, yet many, if not most couples will reach a critical moment of either crisis or transformation. 

Instinctively they know that every effort that can be made, should be made.  Even if you feel there isn't any hope left for your marriage, I can carry enough hope for both of you, until you get your second wind and start to believe again in the love and the deeper forces that brought you two together as a couple from the start. I am an experienced couples counselor who can help you put the breaks on your divorce and pull back from the brink.  I am opening my new office location in the Central Coast in August 2019.  I will be happy to serve the communities of Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo (SLO), Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, and Santa Barbara.

I would like to invite you to let the healing begin.  Come early to take a stroll together, or stay later for a movie or dinner together at a nearby restaurant.  Keep the conversation going, or just take time for a pleasant hour or two together.  I believe couples counseling includes more than just the time spent in the therapy office.

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From my point of view, a couple is much better off doing the work they need to do on themselves and on the marriage than to just make the problems go away by going through with a divorce.  In fact, with divorce a couple is often only changing one set of problems and difficulties for a new set of problems or difficulties.  Especially if there are children involved, you are going to be dealing with your spouse for most of your life anyway. 

And even if the marriage cannot last, I have found that the vast majority of couples considering divorce decide that they know they need to do everything they possibly can, and give it absolutely everything they've got, before they make that fateful decision and go through with the divorce. 


Many couples' counselors believe that when a couple is at their rock-bottom, and ready to divorce, that's when they need to give it one more year of serious and concentrated effort.  That's where couple's counseling comes into play, if it hasn't already; (ideally, a couple should begin their counseling work long before they are on the brink of divorce, but this is not always the case). 

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