Therapy for Gay Men

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"The distance between your dreams and reality is called action."  Ben Francia

In my therapy work here in San Luis Obispo, I am happy to be of help to gay men seeking to grow in confidence and thrive.  If you're dealing with grief, depression, sadness, or loss, good counseling with the right therapist can really help.  If you're dealing with anxiety, stress, and worry, or you feel you're breaking under all the pressure, getting good guidance and learning new skills in therapy can help tremendously.  I'm here to help.

And if you're lonely and having a hard time finding a good partner, or you're in a partnership but there are problems that need to be solved, therapy is the right place to work through these issues. 

Are you dealing with any of the following issues?

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Depression, sadness, or discouragement
  • Finding real love and finding a good partner
  • Coping with the modern dating world
  • Conflicts with your partner and within your relationship
  • Coming to terms with being gay
  • Deciding who to come out to, when, and how
  • Overcoming damage to self-esteem
  • Building confidence and a good life for yourself
  • Dealing with work and career challenges
  • Overcoming religious abuse and finding true spirituality
  • Dealing with rejection by family members
  • HIV and health-related concerns

"It's not important what others think of you, but it's very important what you think of yourself."  Daniel Levin

Even amidst the new challenges and difficulties, you must press forward and seek to be your strongest and your best.  Many of my gay and lesbian clients are experiencing a sense of anxiety, threat, and dread with these quickly changing and sometimes chaotic and even frightening times.  This is a pivotal time in history, and you're a part of it! 

Whether you're dealing with emotional difficulties, relationship challenges, or you're just seeking to be your best self, investing in yourself now will bring lifelong returns.  Your mind and your feelings are the core of your life and your experiences.  This is where you are wise to invest your efforts.

I would be happy to help you find healing and achieve the skills that will allow you to move forward in your life. Please contact me by phone, email, or text with any questions you might have. You can call me at 805-868-0767.

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My book recommendation for you:
The Velvet Rage:
Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man's World
Alan Downs, PhD   

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